Frequently asked Questions

Can you have alcohol on the party buses?

Yes! You can have all the alcohol you want. We don't provide you with any so you'll have to bring your own, as much as you want. There are coolers and ice to keep your drink chilled and cup holders to set your drink down while dancing. If there's those who are under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on the party buses.

Is smoking allowed on the party buses?

There is no smoking allowed. We like our buses to be fresh and clean for all our customers. Smoking also increase the change of damage to the bus which is more money you'd have to pay. You have unlimited stops so whenever you need a smoke break, tell your driver and they'll pull over when they can.

Are there hidden fees?

We don't hide anything from you. When you call for your quote, that's the price you'll have to pay. We will also explain to you any additional charges you may come across like a cleaning fee for leaving the bus trashed and a damage fee if something is broken. We will never demand more money before starting your run either.

Can children come on board?

Yes they can! There are no seat belts and some buses don't have forward facing seats so keep that in mind. If there are going to be those under the age of 21, there can't be any alcohol on the bus. Even if it's a flower girl who's 5 years old, there cannot be any alcohol. We're great for children birthday parties, quinceaneras and more.

Will I be able to cancel?

No, you can't cancel. You will be informed of this before finalizing your reservation. Make sure you have all the correct information. You cannot change the date of your reservation either. Depending on availability, you might be able to change the time earlier or later or the vehicle to a larger or smaller size.

Can we bring food with us?

You can have food on the buses. Try not to make a mess though. If there's a giant mess to clean up when your run is done, you will be charged a cleaning fee. An example of a messy thing to try to avoid is jello shots. Jello shots can get everywhere and very sticky. You have unlimited stops to pick up food if you want also.

Do you have to tip the driver?

You don't have to tip the driver if you don't want to but it's recommended. Think of it as tip if you liked the service they performed and the amount of how much you liked the service. Our drivers are all really good at what they do and try to perform the best service they can. We they are tipped, they are tipped around $50-100.

What if we stay longer than our time?

If you want to stay longer, that's fine with us, we understand that sometimes you just don't want to leave yet. You won't be charged a ridiculous fee for going over. You will be charged your normal hour rate but broken up into 15 minute increments so that you don't have to pay for more than your use.